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  Private  Maths  Tuition

                                                 Estalished 1987

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Welcome to Mathswise !

At Mathswise , we believe that students must all be treated differently , as each student develop mathematical skills at his or her own pace.

If need be , a worksheet will be drawn up for individual students until they master a specific section.

Students must feel comfortable with their tutor , asking questions with ease and know that help is just a question away .

We dont't believe in students sitting for hours in front of a computer and not understanding concepts. That is why no computers are used in the tuition , except where students need to research for projects.

From Grade 7 to Grade 12 students must feel free to get help with homework assignments and exam preparation.

For those students who are more skilled and trying to boost their marks from say 60 % to 80+ % , extensive revision worksheets and exam papers from most top schools are available to practice from.

Students who are really struggling to get to grasp basic concepts and topics are given custom made exercises and revision sheets for reinforcement of mathematical concepts.


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